Every Day Workout - Slow & Easy

Every Day Workout - Slow & Easy

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Every Day Workout on a Chair

This exercise program is SLOW and EASY and appropriate for all ages. 

It's developed specifically for people who:

  • Have back injuries
  • Have medical conditions that limits their mobility
  • Have Arthritis
  • Experience balance issues
  • Are confined to a wheelchair

Experience an exercise program that is fun and energizing that incorporates elements of dance into a seated chair exercise program of stretching and core strength development.

The entire exercise is done while seated allowing you to exercise and stretch without the fear of losing balance or overextending yourself physically.

In this 30-minute seated exercise you will achieve 1 to 1.5 miles of calculated distance movement in your upper and lower body.

Who Benefits The Most From This Everyday Workout?

Over the years I've met many people that want to experience the benefits of exercise but have a medical condition that limits their mobility and they feel that "working out" would be impossible.

This includes people with back injuries, illness, arthritis, weight problems and/or those confined to a wheelchair.

Many of these folks were once vibrant and very active but have settled into a sedentary lifestyle. That has led to an overall lack of energy, motivation and even worse, mental depression.

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