Rocking Ab Workout

Rocking Ab Workout

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Rocking Ab Workout on a Yoga Ball

This rhythmic yoga ball workout targets upper body, lower body, abs, core - the entire body!

BalloFlex® is a dynamic, unique fitness program that weaves dance and core strength training together, creating a dynamic duo that can be adjusted to any fitness level.

You will be moving and grooving with a Yoga ball as you chisel your body. By dancing the minutes away, you will crush your fitness goals and reach new daily records.

You can achieve up to 3,500 steps each half hour class!

Here's a Sample of this Workout...


You will be astonished at the toning and sculpting that occurs using BalloFlex®!

There is no need to spend countless hours working out to achieve a high level of fitness.

Who doesn’t want a stronger fit body that helps builds strength, endurance and confidence?

If you are looking to add more intensity to your workout, try adding ankle and wrist weights during your class.

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P.S. If you are interested in becoming certified BalloFlex® instructor or bring BalloFlex® Fitness to your facility, please visit our to find out how.